polish metal podcast
Trasa 66 (Route 66) is a Polish metal podcast and a radio show which is broadcast live each Monday at 11:00 PM on Radio Kampus (in Warsaw – 97,1 FM).

It aims at taking the listener on a journey through heavy and most importantly varied genres of music – in the show (podcast) one may hear different metal styles, like for instance: djentmetal-corenu-metalhardcorepost-metalmathcore, death-metalexperimentalprogressive etc. One will hear well established artists together with less known, at times even underground acts (both from Polish and international metal scene).

The show is based first and foremost on the selection of music, but there is also room for commentary, album reviews, information about new and future releases and concerts. Occasionally the show features interviews with both Polish and foreign musicians / bands. So far, Route 66, has been „visited” by, among others: Jesse Matthewson (KEN mode), Liam Cormier (Cancer Bats), Maciej Janas (Mr. Trip) (Ketha) or Patryk Zwoliński (ex-Blindead, currently Proghma-C).

Radio Kampus is broadcasting in Warsaw and a nearby area on the FM frequency 97,1. But, one can also tune in via the Internet – www.radiokampus.waw.pl / TuneIn and the show itself can be heard after the live broadcast in the form of a podcast (for instance via iTunes or the streaming app: Mixcloud)
Information about new podcasts, show announcements, author’s „reflections” and the like can be found on Facebook and Twitter, which are regularly updated. Enjoy!